• What should I do to obtain a commissioned job?

For a particular request, just send me via email ( or Whatsapp three or four beautiful photos of the subjects you would like to be portrayed. The photos must be as sharp and as detailed as possible, and if possible taken at close range, outdoors and in bright light. The sharper the photo is, more realistic the drawing will be. If you don't have animals to photograph, in the gallery you'll find all my works: just let me know if you see something that interests you, so I can make another similar work for you. 👍😉


  • Shipping: how much does it cost?

Shipping costs vary according to your location (proceeding to checkout, you'll find the shipping fee). Packages will be sent by registered mail and you'll be able to track your order HERE.


  • Shipping: how long does it take?

I ship immediately after finishing the job ( it usually takes me 3 - 7 days, depending on the complexity of the commission). Drawings and prints are shipped inside rigid cardboard tubes, while polymer clay creations are placed into an organza pouch and then closed in a gift box: I send everything with stamped and sealed packages.
Delivery times may vary, especially in this period; with registered mail, the package usually arrives in 1 - 2 weeks, but there may be delays on the part of the couriers that I cannot control.


  • How can I pay?

Payment can be made with Paypal or credit card.

IMPORTANT : I ​​start creating the commissioned work only after receiving payment confirmation.



(Convert European prices HERE)

B/W PORTRAIT (one subject without background)
  •   16,5 x 24 cm sheet: 46 €
  • 24 x 33 cm sheet: 81 €
  • 33 x 48 cm sheet: 117 €
COLOUR PORTRAIT (one subject without background)
  • 16,5 x 24 cm: 56 €
  • 24 x 33 cm: 101 €
  • 33 x 48 cm: 147 €
BAS-RELIEF PENDANT ( ONLY THE ANIMAL'S HEAD): you can decide to use it for a necklace, bracelet, key ring or magnet

23 €

BAS - RELIEF PENDANT (FULL- BODY ANIMAL): you can decide to use it for a necklace, bracelet, key ring or magnet

38 € 



43 € 


Price Example
Other subjects in the drawing

 + 35 € (for each subject added to the drawing)

Full background in the drawing

+ 55 €


Price Example
Pendant with the animal's name

+ 2 €

Flowers or decorative elements on the background

+ 2 €

The animal's name instead of the chain in the keyring

+3 €

Metal base / medallion behind the creation (different shapes available; please contact me to choose the one you prefer); other subjects in the pendant

+ 5 €

Other subjects in the pendant

+ 20 € (for each added subject)


If you need more infos or to commission a job, please feel free to write me here 👇